The last few years have been rough on me because I started getting frequent migraines. I am someone who does. not like taking medications that may be a potential risk by damaging to my organs such as my liver. Unfortunately, I have tried relieving my migraine with Advil and a bunch of it as the migraine begins to rare its’ ugly head. Advil and CBD have been two forms of relief I have tried along with chiropractic adjustments and massage the day the migraine comes on.

Honestly, those modalities have only given me temporary relief at best. Recently, I decided to try a different form of CBD to relieve this terrible disabling pain and it has worked twice. Yes, my last two onsets of this terrible pain was relieved by taking 1350 mg unflavored tincture which is 45mg per dropper and administer 4 droppers under my tongue and 30 minutes to an hour and NO migraine. Now, I want you to know I am not making any medical claims about migraines or CBD’s ability to stop migraines but wow, this has worked for me and I am so grateful for this natural source of relief I have found to be a personal relief of this overwhelming head and neck pain.

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