Our Mission

Marie’s journey to better health and happiness:

Hello I am Marie and I am the founder of Wild Organics. Like many of you I am a wife, mother, grandmother “Gigi” I have some of the same challenges many of you may be experiencing in life and I want to be part of helping you live a healthier happier life!

I struggled for 13 years with chronic pain, fatigue and many other health challenges and it all started at such a young age and these symptoms went on for 13 years.

I knew there had to be a better way of living than taking all of the harsh medications I was prescribed.

I was introduced to CBD by one of my doctors. After experiencing CBD personally I began to do my own research. I personally visited the farms and manufacturers to understand the process and the differences in how CBD can be developed.

I believe in this product and decided to go on a mission to bring the best bio-available, clean and purely sourced products available.

Not all CBD is created equal and education for the consumer is so very important.

My mission is to help improve the lives of others by providing education and outstanding CBD products.

As a young girl I lost my mom to cancer at the age of only 9 years old. I found myself in a lost and lonely place for many years. As I have grown in many area’s of my life and as I continue my journey to healing not only physically but emotionally, it is now my mission to help other young girls who have no money, no financial or emotional support and guidance. I want to make a difference in the lives of those who have no one to turn to, no one to show them that they are valuable and worthy.

When you purchase my wellness products it gives me the resources I need to make a bigger impact.

Through a portion of my proceeds from CBD I will be able to use this to give the tools and time to some of these less fortunate girls and give them a chance to become somebody, to educate them in trades that will give them a boost in life, to teach them they are worthy of love and that they are indeed loved.

Marie Finger is a Certified Nutrigenomic and Epigenetic Specialist. Marie Finger is a CBD specialist and if you have any questions about which products you should start with please email me at [email protected]

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