By now you’ve probably heard about CBD and all of it’s amazing benefits.

As a Nutrigenomic Specialist, I have to give advice daily on the use of supplementation and CBD. CBD dosing for the average person that is beginning the journey of trying and testing out CBD. This can be daunting at times. Is 10mg, 25mg or greater best for me?

What I can tell you is that consistency is the most important and that the overuse of CBD is not beneficial. Our bodies have to work to receive CBD into our Endocannabinoid receptors and if we introduce too much CBD into our system on a regular basis our system will get worn out working to receive it.

If you are a first-time user you will benefit from trying 10 to 25 mg in the evening about an hour before bed. After using it a few nights you can then try it in the morning or anytime during the day especially when you may be having symptoms that CBD may help with.

Our selection of CBD is Organic and USDA Certified Organic. Your preference may be a tincture (liquid drops) or a softgel or gummy. All of Wild Organics CBD products have extensive lab testing which is very important in the CBD industry. It is important that the consumer have detailed information as to what is and is not present in the CBD they are choosing.

I would recommend starting with a tincture of 500 mg or a softgel of 25mg. A 500 mg tincture is about 17mg per full dropper. It is easy to add dosages with a tincture.

Wild CBD Organic Oil Tincture Mint Flavor is flavorful and calmning to the tummy.

The 25mg with curcumin is great for muscle pain or the 25mg softgel with 1mg of Melatonin for sleep. You may try the 500mg mint tincture for the best flavor and calming the tummy.

The dosages of CBD will vary from person to person. Try one dose daily and add as needed until you find your perfect groove and happy place.

You may email me at [email protected] for any questions you may have about Wild Organics products or which CBD product may be right for you.

I am here to support your journey of wellness and natural healing.

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