Lonestar Decaf | Organic Swiss Water Process


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Lonestar Decaf is our medium/dark roasted blend of fair-trade, single-origin arabica beans from South America. It is sweet and medium bodied and is a great way to have your coffee fix while watching your caffeine intake.

What most people don’t know about decaf coffee is, it is not completely caffeine-free. It just has less caffeine than regular coffee. Decaf is a great way to get the comforting effects of a hot (or cold) cup of coffee without having to worry about over-caffeination!

Whole Bean, Fair Trade, Organic, Single-Origin, High Altitude Beans Rated Premium Grade “1”
Blend of light and dark roasted Central/South American beans


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Coffee 12 oz bags

12 oz bag, TWO 12 oz bags

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