Wild Guayusa Amazonian Super Tea


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Guayusa is brewed like traditional tea, but is not related to tea. It comes from the holly tree, as does Yerba Mate.

A cup of Guayusa has almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and has twice the amount of antioxidants in green tea. This makes is a SUPERTEA!

Among the Jivaro tribe of Ecuador, guayusa is known as the “Night Watchman,” because it helps keep them awake.

Guayusa is almost exclusively found in the Amazon. Harvesting guayusa actually helps to reforest the Amazon; more trees are planted as demand for the guayusa leaf increases

Guayusa has many chlorogenic acids, which help with weight loss and have benefits for the heart.

Smooth flavor: It’s kind of like Yerba Mate without the bitterness.

Ingredients: Pure Guayusa Leaf (naturally grown pesticide free) (Smoke free, air-dried)

Origin: Ecuador

Support Agroforestry with guayusa: Our guayusa supplier works with US NGO OneTreePlanted and plants 50 trees for every ton of guayusa sold. Your purchase really makes an immediate and lasting difference!

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