Wild Kosher Flake Sea Salt


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Wild Kosher Flake Salt is the healthy answer to cheap mass-produced and manufactured Kosher salts that come recommended by chefs and countless recipes.

The problem with the kosher salt you find in grocery stores is it’s refined and usually contains caking agents. These mass “manufactured” salts are also lacking in the minerals that make sea salt healthy and essential for human beings.

The reason kosher salt is the salt of choice for chefs is due to the grain size. Salt that is too fine or too coarse doesn’t season well and is hard to control with fingers. Kosher flake sized salt has been tested and approved by chefs the world over.

Our flake salt is a kosher flake size salt that is easy to crumble between your fingers, which makes it perfect as a delicious finishing salt, as well as, an all purpose seasoning. It’s a workhorse and it’s healthy! It’s also Kosher certified!

Wild Kosher Flake Salt provides the beneficial nutrients of all natural sea salt in the chef’s favorite kosher flake texture. It’ll quickly become the most used salt in your kitchen!

Wild Minis range in size from 20 grams to 1 ounce depending on product.

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