Wild Raw Nibs From Peru


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A Superfood Treat!

Wild Raw Nibs are made by carefully crushing raw cacao beans (our favorite Mayan superfood used to make chocolate).

  • Add Wild Raw Nibs to smoothies, yogurt, cottage cheese (trust us), or sprinkle as a healthy topping on your favorite indulgence (coconut milk ice cream perhaps?)

Why are Wild Raw Nibs so Wildly Awesome?

  • Raw, single-origin, kosher, gluten-free, vegan, paleo friendly and non-GMO cocoa!
    Full of minerals, fiber, magnesium, antioxidants and iron!
  • Contains naturally occurring theobromine, a powerful mental enhancing and crash-less energy booster similar to caffeine!
  • A healthy and delicious snack and recipe topper!
  • One of the healthiest ways we know to add “crunch” to your favorite recipe
    Use as a healthy alternative to chocolate chips!

Ingredients: organic raw cocoa nibs

Our NO-RISK Wild Guarantee lets you buy with confidence. With nothing to lose, and so much delicious Wild nutrition to get in your life, why wait?

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Powder - 8 oz bags

8 oz bag, TWO 8 oz bags, TEN 8 oz bags

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