Wild Vitamin K2 & D3 with Black Pepper Extract


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Due to some unforeseen supply chain issues, our K2-D3 is delayed in shipment. We do expect to have a new shipment by 11/1/2020 or sooner.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to the human body. Taken orally, your body may not utilize vitamin D without adequate amounts of Vitamin K2, which directs calcium to your bones. Combined with Black Pepper Extract means optimal absorption.

Vitamin D is an integral hormone that plays a vital role in bone health, teeth, immune system function, your brain ad your nervous systems.

Simply take one Wild K2&D3 capsule a day to help support optimal vitamin D levels in conjunction with a healthy diet of Real Foods from nature!

“Like our Wild Fish Oil, this is already a MUST TAKE in my personal daily regimen.” -Colin, Founder

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